Let me be frank.

Once upon the time, was a Windows user.

Then was happy to have to use OSX for a transition to GNU Linux.

But once on GNU Linux (Debian) do not miss neither Windows nor OSX at all in everyday life.

For this user, it was just the most logic consequence.

Why is this not true for other users?

Why do so little users make this transition and just stick to the “catastrophic but default status quo”?

Why do so little schools and universities “teach” GNU Linux?

Others claim, because no PC is sold with GNU Linux, it is not used that much.

Tried that, It is not true.

It is ridiculous but most people will simply not buy a PC with GNU Linux, while they do not even KNOW they are using GNU Linux kernel on their 5 Android devices.

Imho this system has destroyed the ability of mankind to learn and progress, which basically long-term risks the survival of all mankind in an ever-changing environment.

why are not more companies, schools, governments, banks using GNU Linux? – the dangers of the software monoculture also in klaut services

more serious:

less serious: big question: is it still good if the wrong people do the right thing?

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