2023 Update: first scandal with SandDisk SSDs: cheap solder. WD helps ruining latest bought up brandname SandDisk it’s name for quality, by building maximal cheap crap and selling it for premium prices: “Suspected cause of SSD death raises eyebrows | SanDisk Extreme Portable



“Seagate Technology, the company that helped create the disk drive business, announced today it will be bought by Veritas Software and an investment group in a complex $20 billion deal” (src)

2010: “Seagate reportedly turned down takeover bid from Western Digital”

2021: “A consolidation in the hard-drive market has raised competition concerns from European regulators”

Western Digital said in March it would acquire Hitachi’s hard drive business for US$4.3 billion.”

“Competitor Seagate said a month later it would acquire Samsung’s hard drive business for $1.38 billion”

“The original company, SanDisk Corporation was acquired by Western Digital in 2016.”

“As of March 2019, Western Digital was the fourth-largest manufacturer of flash memory having declined from third-largest in 2014.[1]



this article seems is 1st of April fool press release “fake news”:


“Because exactly the opposite was planed: WD wanted to acquired Seagate in 2010: “TPG Capital” (those closer to the money printing press than the companies that produce REAL stuff)”, which had already put more than $7.5 billion on the table for Seagate. As you might expect, however, the sheer size of the merger was apparently largely responsible for its refusal. Not only would it have created a huge amount of product overlap and likely led to numerous management departures, but it would have almost certainly faced some pretty significant antitrust obstacles” (src)

a commentor (thanks!) wrote: “When Seagate bought Samsung HDD business and WD acquired Hitachi GST, the regulatory bodies in Europe and mainly in China obliged the acquirers to follow strong conditions not totally resolved. If now Seagate and WD are merged into one company, together they will represent more than 80% of the HDD worldwide market” (src)

“The remaining market share would belong to Toshiba, which in 2009 acquired Fujitsu’s hard drive business.”

… which MIGHT be soon sold too?

THE ONLY SOLUTION: Open Source storage systems (design & production) 😀

PS: While Seagate WAS known for high quality magnetic disks. It seems unable to make the next step and produce high quality and fast SSDs and NVMes with a cool name? X-D

2022: “Seagate is partnering NAND controller supplier Phison to develop enterprise NVMe SSDs.” (src) “Hurray”

Once again proofing a strange company-phenomenon of “too-big-to-change” true, also known as the Kodak-catastrophe (CEOs COMPLETELY IGNORING the trend towards digital photography and sticking to paper and chemicals)

also please note:

why TLC SSDs are (still) better than QLC SSDs – what is SanDisk 3D NAND?

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