“Founded in 2016, the annual fair in Paris is one of Europe’s top-tier technology events, this year attracting 2,400 start-ups – double the number it hosted in its first year – and more than 2,000 investors looking to fund the next big innovation that could change the world” (src)

(Wiki) official website: https://vivatechnology.com

The filthy rich french Louis Vitton (LVMH u know luxory hand bags) and L’Oreal are sponsoring the event so this is why they are on stage with Elon.

“if i am so smart why did i pay so much for twitter then?” (Elon Musk)

“the light of consciousness is like a tiny candle in vast darkness (of space) and we should do everything we can to prevent that candle from going out” (Elon Musk)

src: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMdFGrnp5XI

the ACTUAL question is: Why has Lous Vitton and many other billion-dollar-companies NEVER thought about building an electric car or space company?

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