and again: another “Elon Musk will give you bitcoin if you scan this QR code” fake scam live stream of an recorded video in loop 2023-01: (using the same video X-D)

this also works so well because youtube allows the “displayed username” to be “Tesla” instead “teslvmotors

5,829 watching now

5,829 watching this fake bitcoin scam (that is ALSO ALL OVER TWITTER btw)!!!


Managed to get 11800 FAKE SUBSCRIBERS! WOW! :D

ENDLESS (LOOP) LIVE STREAMING “ELON MUSK FUND RAISER ON NEW YEAR’S EVE” VIDEO fake Youtube Tesla account channel managed to get 11800 FAKE SUBSCRIBERS! WOW! 😀 (deleted by now)

this was the video used titled: “The SEC is NOT afraid of Bitcoin – Elon Musk! Is Elon Musk investing in Bitcoin”



The hashtag #thebword is from

not long and then Deep Fake Tom Cruise will ask for donations for cancer sick children at Christmas

It is just disgusting and highly trust damaging, trust in “other users”, that was so hard earned, by things like “wow the guy at the other end of the planet, that i paid via ebay actually send me the product”.

Plus what makes things worse, that Youtube through it’s policy of placing LiveStreams “OnTop” of all other videos, actively promotes this “Not So Happy New Year” Bitcoin scam.

for comparison this is the REAL tesla youtube channel:

possibly related:

“scamming their victims out of at least €3,000,000 each mont”

“Europol said that, on January 11, law enforcement arrested 15 suspects in Germany and Serbia after searching 22 locations in Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Serbia and questioning 261 individuals (some of them now waiting to be prosecuted.”

THE MOST effective way to fight crime (btw) is: asure, there are no super-poor people, in any country! Make sure there are jobs that are paid fairly and the criminals will have a much harder time recruiting supporters.

for REAL infos about bitcoin check out this channel and the real time chart.

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