update: major of Berlin fooled by Klitschko LIVE deep fake video conference (actually not so funny)

  • it would mean: do not trust phone calls, even if the number is shown as “police” “doctor” “friend”
  • trust no video conference
  • what can be trusted?

how deep fakes work:

  • computer program analyzes facial expressions  of person A in footage
  • computer program then applies this, to make the facial expressions of person B, look like person A
    • (it is easier for the program to generate good results, if person A and person B look alike, but in the future not even this might need to be necessary)
  • this is great news, for fake news, but bad news, for truth, as it adds to confusion of the masses (land of confusion)
  • that means, for authenticity, other ways to truly identifying a person in a video have to be found

“Massive challenge for Europe”

‘A “massive challenge for Europe” is when citizens are confronted with disinformation through misleading or openly false information. AI could exacerbate the effects of such “hybrid threats”, as such lies and propaganda could be brought to the people en masse “without technical expertise”. Trends in “deepfake technology” also increased concerns here. According to reports, criminals have already taken advantage of such procedures. AI is also likely to play into the hands of “traditional organized crime” and terrorists.”‘

  • ‘5G also poses problems for investigators’
  • ‘more difficult to identify SIM cards and their users and to eavesdrop on or locate them afterwards’
  • ‘mandatory end-to-end encryption could make eavesdropping even more difficult’
  • ‘virtualization of networks with the new standard does not taste good to the law enforcement officers’

auto translated from: https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/KI-5G-und-Krypto-Europol-warnt-vor-disruptiven-Technologien-4547719.html


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