because Win 10 compared to Win 7 is incredibly slow, a way to upgrade an older ASUS Mainboard was found

while not close to the theoreticall possible speeds of:

Read: 6,900 MB/s

Write: 5,000 MB/s

(src: do they mean Bits or Bytes here?)

imho those are impressive harddisk speeds, well done Samsung 🙂

the user can try finding that NVMe SSD on ebay

when it comes to harddisk benchmarks, ATTO is probably “better” than CrystalDiskMark as Crystal seems to actually meassure RAM-cached-harddisk-speeds?


GNU Linux Debian – how to create RAID10 (mdadm software raid, basic benchmarks 4x Hitachi HGST Ultrastar 7K4000)

warning: the dd based benchmark described here:

is DATA DESTRUCTIVE so have a backup or nothing important on that harddisk!