what is great about C?

    • the simplicity of the compiler that just run’s anywhere
    • still THE most resource efficient language
      • with C the user does not have to buy a new computer every 3 years, because of updates slowing down the system so much it become inefficient
    • still THE language that can speak best to hardware
    • the syntax can be called ugly sometimes, but not as ugly as C++ X-D

there is even a song about it X-D “Dennis Ritchie – Write in C” (“Pascal won’t quiet cut it”… yep that is true X-D)

everyone understands what this does:

cat boolstd.c

int main(void) {
	// set to true
	bool b1 = 1;

	// this is correct, it will print
		printf("Bool b1 is true \n");

	// set to false
	_Bool b2 = 2;

	// this is false, will not print
	if(b2 == false)
		printf("Bool b2 is false \n");

	// requires 
	bool b3 = true;

	// this is correct, it will print
	if(b3 == true)
		printf("Bool b3 is true \n");

	// requires 
	bool b4 = false;

	if(b4 == false)
		printf("Bool b4 is false \n");

the problems of C:

  • security problems need to be adressed (all those buffer over- and underruns)

… security/safety plus multi core computing is what RUST tries to adress

RUST the safer C/C++?

RUST – most loved programming language ever – C++ with safety – new programming language from Mozilla for Mozilla and Safety – now also with step debugging


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