no man is a island.

  1. ALWAYS say something positive first: what went right?

  2. THEN start what should be better

  3. NOBODY will be de-motivated

sometimes inter-human interaction and cooperation and communication in text and beyond are necessary.

also (of course) great teams can do great stuff – fast.

let’s take mp3 for example, an algorithm which ABSOLUTELY revolutionized the world, by making audio drastically better and easier accessible via internet.

it is unkown how the social skills of this team were, but they accomplished an unprecedented task: how to transfer audio and video via internet FAST (increasing transfer speeds by up to 10x times (audio.wav 100MBytes -mp3-> 10MBytes), without making it a painful audio-experience.

what happend next was unintended by the developers: the algorithm got liberated by a hacker and absolutely obliterated the “buy-my-expensive-cd-in-a-store” (speaking of up to 40 BUCKS PER SILVER DISC kind of prices!) aka the up-to-that-day very wealthy Music industry (Warner Music, EMI, Sony Music, Universal Music, PolyGram) (so thanks for that too, it is a bit sad, that the music industry did not manage to actually make easy to use platforms and good prices for music downloads, but that is not the hacker’s or the mp3-inventor’s faults)

protocol of respectful communications (in any format (in text, on phone, on videocall, in person)) will make

  • teams more successful
  • will grow rather than destroy motivation

and thus should be the default way of communications.

it is not so hard:

  • even if brain scientists would disagree, humans ain’t robots.
  • the brain is not (!=) exactly a computer
  • humans have feelings, a feature AI is (still) lacking (not for long, but at the time of first release of this article)
  • with feeling come motivations or de-motivations (a feature AI is (still) lacking and would drive the user’s crazy X-D)
    • day 1: AI is motivated to solve the task
    • day 2: AI is demotivated and refuses to solve the task X-D
  • nothing is more annoying and destructive than to destroy (de-motivating) humans with a one-liner-critique that does not follow a praise (what is good, what was done well, what works)
    • it will register with the common-human-mind as “everything is bad, nothing works, nothing is good” (which is (luckily) probably wrong, but that is how psychology work)

respectful communications protocol dictates:

1) always say something positive first:

2) second the critique: (never before the praise)

  • it does not work with the current version of vim v8.1 or it throws errors.
  • is it possible to timely fix that problems? 🙂 (or shall the development-users look for alternatives?)

thanks! 🙂

stay healthy:)

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