360 picture of Mars 🙂

congratulations to CNSA for this accomplishment and hope for a good international cooperation in the exploration of space.

Queston: why should the first man or woman on Mars be a “American” or a “Chinese” or a “Russian” when it could be must what all humans are: a human (send from an peacefull internationally space organization that shares knowledge and resources (because it will take massive amounts of resources and a “artificial Mars cosmic radiation shield” to establish permanent residence there)


actually there are other approaches and hope they will become more practical over time and hope that the combination of space agencies and governments come together and are willing to build it…

new approach: Did you know that it “only” takes a 3400km cable around Mars to establish a artificial protective magnetic field around Mars, that would make Mars’ atmosphere thicken over time, without it, every new CO2 molecule would be blasted away by solar winds (and lost).


from Utopia Planitia released on June 11, 2021. (Image credit: CNSA)

color enhanced & sharpened and compressed 80% jpg (10.5MBytes) (click to load the full picture)

here the original file: (it loads pretty slow in the EU)

how did it do the selfie?

“rover took this selfie by dropping a camera attached to its belly about 10 meters (32 feet) away from the landing platform,

then positioning itself next to the landing platform,

Chinese space officials said.

The camera wirelessly transmitted the picture to the rover, which then sent it to Earth via the Tianwen-1 orbiter.”


what is a bit said to hear: CNSA Zhurong Mars rover designed to last only 90 Marsian days

while it surely will last longer (!?) it is a bid sad, that this hardware and mission was designed with such a short timespan.


Zhurong (god of fire in ancient Chinese mythology)

Tianwen (name of the mission ‘Questions to heaven’)





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