• perfect start
  • perfect skydiver-flight
  • perfect landing
  • small fire
  • no “unscheduled rapid disassembly” aka “BocaChicaBoomBoom” 15h later… still standing!!! congratulationzzzz!

so it is official: the Starship has landed…. intact in one piece. CONGRATULATIONZZZZ!🥳🥳🥳

Next stop: Low Earth Orbit 🙂

in order to honor this milestone (there are still plenty of challenges ahead)

put up a 4x angle video compilation:

strange enough… could not find any Video of the flip, except this one (in pretty bad quality)

official SpaceX footage:

LabPadre’s recording WITH THOSE ROARING SOUNDs 🙂

… 15hours later… despite a small fire and two small explosions (in the LabPadre with good sound hearable), SN15 is still there standing tall (no BocaChicaBoomBoom X-D)

combination of EvryDay’s Astronaut (flip) and LabPadre (landing) cams:

24-7 live stream:

EveryDay astronaut: