Update: Amazon Kuper vs OneWeb vs SpaceX

the competition is on!

  • almost-satellite-colissions in space (who owns space?)
  • collisions between Amazon Kuiper vs OneWeb vs SpaceX in court on Earth (some parties might not refrain from playing foul)

“While SpaceX makes up the lion’s share of these plans, together with OneWeb, Telesat and Amazon’s Project Kuiper, the four companies have announced the intention to launch as many as 46,100 satellites in the next few years.

That’s more than 5x times the amount of objects sent to space in the past 60 years, which numbers just shy of 9,000 according to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.” (src: cnbc.com)

“SpaceX’s violation of its launch license was “inconsistent with a strong safety culture,” the FAA’s space division chief Wayne Monteith said in a letter to SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell. “Although the report states that all SpaceX parties believed that such risk was sufficiently low to comply with regulatory criteria, SpaceX used analytical methods that appeared to be hastily developed to meet a launch window,” Monteith went on.” (src: theverge.com)

update: NASA awards SpaceX with MoonLander contract

  • building rockets is hard
  • building BIG rockets is harder
  • building BIG REUSABLE rockets is even harder

what is currently called “StarShip” is actually only the upper (2nd) stage what will be the full StarShip, a 5000t 120m StarShip with two stages, capable to bring significant amount of tonnage to LEO (Low Earth Orbit… the point where transport mass has become “weightless” and thus escaped the beloved planet Earth’s massive gravity).

From LEO the StarShip will need less propellant (thus the upper stage is smaller than the first stage) to it’s journey to Moon and Mars and maybe even Moons of Saturn.

Elon has chosen Methane (CH4) and liquid Oxygen (H2) DELIBERATELY over other fuels, because there is hope that it can be produced directly on Mars (because to carry fuel there costs a lot of fuel).

The upper 2nd stage is currently tested (120t , diameter: 9m (30 ft) , height: 50m (160 ft)) in BocaChica, Texas.

Here can be seen Tim Dot’s (@EveryDayAstronaut) footage on the left and SpaceX’s “official” footage on the right, luckily Tim Dot kept the cameras rolling… and captured the post-landing explosion of #SN10 (Tim cried tears of joy and sadness, in that order), imho the landing was still too hard and SpaceShip SN10 deformed (gas pipes!), somewhere leaked… 🔥 triggering the ChicaBocaBoomBoom).

  • 3rd test flight of SpaceX’s SpaceShip called “Starship”
    • trying to replace parachutes for landing with flip maneuver and rocket engine throttled landing is HARD
    • start went well
    • flight went well
    • landing was not so soft, as the SpaceX commentator said and everyone hoped for X-D
    • watch closely, it can be seen in SpaceX’s footage that it “bounced” quiet a bit after it touched concrete (concrete does not bounce at all))
      • so the throttling of the (this time 3x instead of 2x raptor engines) during landing worked better but still not perfect
      • StarShip SN10 deformed to the extend that it was “leaning” “the leaning tower of SpaceX” as Tim Dot called it
        • also Tim Dot says “the landing gear sucks” (so it is very basic landing gear… and SpaceX probably need to work on:
          • fine tuning of throttling of raptor engines
          • improve the landing gear for more suspensions (this is also quiet hard, because it is such a big and heavy ship and if the gear is too soft, it will fall over, if it is too hard it might deform under it’s own weight)
  • as building rockets is hard, and big rockets is even harder, but big rockets will be needed to transport significant amount of tonnage to Moon & Mars the race is on (China also has ambitions)
  • Why is a permanent, self-sustaining settlement on Mars so important?
    • because mankind is still unprepared for major catastrophic events such as
      • viruses: pandemics (as everyone experienced in 2020/2021 with currently a death-toll of 2.5 Millione humans)
      • politics: if short-fused dictators “accidentally” sit on a red button that triggers nuclear explosions
      • asteroids: a asteroid of +1km in diameter might very well bring a new ice age to beloved planet Erath and making it increasing difficult for life to survive on it
  • try to support Elon and thus mankind to settle on Mars:


Thanks to Tim Dot the @EveryDayAstronaut for his presence and hd footage from that event 🙂

keep up the good work 🙂

godspeed! fly save!

good luck all involved!

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