Cancer is a very depressing topic. Some say, the ONLY true cure for cancer is early detection and most healthcare systems around the globe are still pretty lousy at that.

the positive the negative: bigdata + AI could help early detect cancer | privacy is security – why mass surveillance – German court rules mass bulk data gathering (calls, SMS, IP including location) illegal

We all have cancer every day, but our body has various repair mechanisms that usually prevent cancer.

From the medical perspective, there are (still) not good methods for fighting cancer.

A new hope arises with vaccines against cancer:

  • Cuba has a vaccine against lung cancer (CimaVax-EGF)
    • The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is hijacked by many types of cancer, including cancers of the lung, colon, kidney, and head and neck. By raising antibodies against EGF, which is EGFR’s major ligand, the concentrations of EGF in the blood are reduced. Thus CimaVax does not target the cancer cells directly, but is expected to work against these cancers by denying the cancers the growth stimulus they require.[8][10]
  • Biontech, Germany is in the news for having ready mRNA vaccine against COVID19 (with 95% effectiveness), less known is they initially were developing a vaccines against cancer.

November Update: Mapping Cancer Markers
Nov 24, 2020 – The researchers are finishing a paper about their lung cancer findings, and continuing work on new work units for sarcoma.

November Update: Smash Childhood Cancer
Nov 19, 2020 – Work units for the latest childhood cancer target are nearly completed, and the project will pause while the researchers determine their next area of focus.

November Update: OpenPandemics – COVID-19
Nov 17, 2020 – The research team has identified 70 compounds that show promise for lab testing.

November Update: Help Stop TB
Nov 13, 2020 – In this update, meet a new student research team member who will be helping with data analysis over the coming weeks.

November Update: Microbiome Immunity Project
Nov 9, 2020 – The research team and the World Community Grid tech team continue to collaborate on a new type of work unit for the project.

November Update: Africa Rainfall Project
Nov 5, 2020 – The principal investigator for the project will be presenting at two virtual conferences before the end of 2020.



Mapping Cancer Markers aims to identify the markers associated with various types of cancer.

The project is analyzing millions of data points collected from thousands of healthy and cancerous patient tissue samples.

These include tissues with lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and sarcoma.

So far, the project has finished running data for lung cancer and ovarian cancer markers on World Community Grid.

The researchers are now studying markers for sarcoma, which is a group of cancers that start in bone, muscle, or other tissue.

You can read more about the research team’s findings to-date here.

Examining results from beta testing on new sarcoma work units

The research team has finished analyzing the results of the beta testing.

They have asked the World Community Grid team to do additional testing in order to confirm the results of the beta test.

If this involves an additional beta test, we’ll let everyone know so that volunteers who wish to participate can make sure they’re signed up.

Lung cancer paper

The researchers have been working on a paper about their lung cancer findings for some time. This has included collaborating with their colleagues who work in the clinical space to help flesh out the paper. They’re now close to a final draft, and plan to start submitting the paper to journals to be considered for publication in the next few weeks.

Current status of work units

  • Available for download: 872 batches
  • In progress: 1,066  batches (64,982,542 work units)
  • Completed:  67,506 batches
    908 batches in the last 30 days
    Average of 30.3 batches per day
  • Estimated backlog: 28 days


Click here to learn more about World Community Grid’s monthly project updates.

hardware & energy

of course cpu efficiency & energy costs arethe limiting factors, but server fan noise is also a factor.

this hp proliant DL360 runs 100% on 8x of 16x threads, pretty low noise, server can return 50-70 wcg results per day, consuming (Watt per Hour was not meassured yet… should be 50% of the max 500Watts so 250Watts per hour or 6kWh per day, so 10 wcg results per 1kWh (approx))

would be interesting to know how ARM based servers perform in this sector

“OpenPandemics for GPU”

<- yes of course, GPUs being a die with many many many RISC CPUs + fast RAM = a lot of computational power, if programming is done right (not all GPUs are supported)

“Porting code to GPU is a lengthy process because there are a number of necessary steps to ensure that work units function well and securely before they’re sent to volunteers.

The code just went through an IBM security review. The reviewers recommended a few minor changes, which are being evaluated by World Community Grid’s tech team.”


about the project:

complete list of all wcg projects:

here a list up to date 2021-01 of stats “Team Germany”

Project Points
Results Returned Total Run Time (y:d:h:m:s)
OpenPandemics – COVID-19 147,245,952 260,681 80:098:08:49:11
Africa Rainfall Project 20,395,582 4,696 8:344:19:11:34
Microbiome Immunity Project 545,997,561 1,285,074 1284:304:18:49:33
Help Stop TB 14,717,007 6,609 14:201:19:14:41
Mapping Cancer Markers 2,877,935,260 3,691,053 3520:027:00:15:30
Beta Testing 3,965,254 6,268 2:269:19:05:13
OpenZika 249,799,112 603,437 372:134:06:41:53
FightAIDS@Home – Phase 2 305,385,384 311,035 185:035:10:39:56
Outsmart Ebola Together 313,162,843 795,099 170:311:03:58:58
Uncovering Genome Mysteries 111,468,167 166,204 70:008:02:23:45
Computing for Sustainable Water 7,094,948 27,145 5:332:00:24:33
Say No to Schistosoma 37,657,456 67,664 28:075:13:17:11
GO Fight Against Malaria 47,968,004 56,038 36:129:19:11:23
Drug Search for Leishmaniasis 59,809,088 67,853 44:359:10:38:09
Computing for Clean Water 75,001,905 169,677 65:216:22:00:59
The Clean Energy Project – Phase 2 176,846,011 161,737 114:260:12:36:06
Discovering Dengue Drugs – Together – Phase 2 1,100,513 3,166 0:362:05:53:49
Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy – Phase 2 86,300,985 170,106 80:188:23:09:37
Influenza Antiviral Drug Search 6,139,427 9,515 6:141:11:58:54
Help Fight Childhood Cancer 96,810,001 118,644 84:344:19:29:58
The Clean Energy Project 3,895,211 4,095 4:306:12:40:09
Nutritious Rice for the World 43,585,573 45,674 40:194:08:47:59
Help Conquer Cancer 181,825,031 560,386 160:180:15:49:57
AfricanClimate@Home 16,696 24 0:011:11:26:12
Discovering Dengue Drugs – Together 16,857,713 53,985 24:295:15:43:24
Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy 4,203,870 13,256 16:176:07:26:11
Genome Comparison 2,057,782 19,358 7:105:00:44:10
Help Defeat Cancer 2,126,384 11,515 6:125:12:21:39
Human Proteome Folding – Phase 2 181,955,988 282,880 210:190:01:50:56
FightAIDS@Home 627,564,111 1,618,567 608:205:01:41:10
Human Proteome Folding 21,946,728 96,599 94:266:21:01:44
Smash Childhood Cancer 85,890,373 262,372 74:124:13:41:22

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