finally summer and climate change have both reached Europe and had several weeks of 30 C straight…

without ventilation, anything above 30 is just “too much to think” (so maybe the brain CPU also would need active cooling?)

of course the user could buy a fan online… or try to use CPU fans to do the job

the odroid h2 fan does a very good job at producing airflow while being noise wise in good dB limits! 🙂

  • enable the fan in BIOS:

  • even when CPU is “idle” it will reach 35C, set low speed rpm and feel the breeze! X-D

# do not need it but well why not
# tested on Debian 10
su - root
apt update
apt install lm-sensors 
apt install fancontrol
service kmod start
# watch the sensors output
watch sensors


PS: hope mankind manages to (terra form planet earth) engineer a way to enhance the climate balance

20 C all your around would be great 🙂

if possible without side effects

last time the planet was too cold (ice age) caused by massive dust of meteor impact (too much side effects)

466 million years ago a 150km asteroid hit Earth and caused dust to stay in atmosphere for 2 (!!!) MILLION YEARS! (causing the iceage)

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