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Alternative to the Alternative: Mumble (Audio only) vs WebRTC based video conferencing – Howto Setup jitsi debian mate – OpenSource alternative to Skype
24 Feb 2017

Google Project Zero security examination of WebRTC: WebRTC is the “new web browser based video conferencing kid on the block” and it is pretty cool: in theory possible to run one’s own server (nextcloud also implements it now) ease […]

24 Mar 2015

dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server next you will get 3 questions: Autostart mumble-server (murmurd) on boot? -> answer no Allow mumble-server to use higher priority? Password to set on SuperUser account.

04 Apr 2020 hm…. let me think where one has seen this before: TELEGRAM! Zoom’s service is “not suited for secrets” “The researchers also found that Zoom protects video and audio content using a home-grown encryption scheme, that there is a vulnerability […]

Purism making progress on Librem5 SmartPhone
27 Feb 2019

more latest news on: Progress has been quick and steady, and because we only use components that respect both our ethical values and your personal privacy and freedoms, you can imagine the layers of complexity that go into delivering […]

open source hardware
03 Aug 2018

what happened to the “modular” computer called EOMA68? $235,250 raised of $150,000 goal on sounds like 4 years after the start of this project, they got a hand full of working PCB boards it’s a start X-D but they need […]

Open Source Hardware
16 Jan 2017

while this is not exactly the same as “free hardware”… it is still a step in the right direction. Here is a list of OSHWA approved hardware projects:   1 UID Project Name Brief Project Description Link […]

XMPP vs Signal vs Threema vs WhatsApp vs SecureText vs Telegram vs – Telegram HQ in Saudi Arabia and London and other 1984 thought crimes
05 May 2014

XMPP: Project Name Platforms Apache Vysper Linux / Windows AstraChat Linux / macOS / Solaris / Windows ejabberd Linux / macOS / Windows IoT Broker Windows Isode M-Link Linux / Windows jackal Linux / macOS Metronome IM Linux […]