sorry this post will have to do nothing with linux X-D (unless one is pretty sure all those corona overview and prediction dashboards run on gnu linux servers)

… what Mr Gates probably underestimated, that because of globalization and maximizing profits – a lot of factories and jobs have been shipped overseas and now western nations can not even produce basic personal protective equipment like facemasks.

So even he has not forseen corona, because otherwise he would have production capacity ready before corona – and made a profit.

Certain companies (THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU!) are producing machines for facemask production and work as fast as possible to fulfill the orders (if the supplychain works, a rough estimate would be within a month hopefully every industrialized nation has a local facemask production going of some sort and of some quality or another).

If those companies charge a slightly-higher than normal price – That’s perfectly okay – but anything more than 10% is racketeering.

how to wear a facemask: blue side out

how to wear a facemask: blue side out

we are governed by the truly irresponsible.

animation of “normal flu” epidemic

Animation Map Flu tracking of spread of influenza A/H3N2 evolution by Jover Lee, Richard Neher and Trevor Bedford

flu is always shitty virus.

sometimes one thinks – who profits?

(when the world economics collapse, nobody)

it is not even sure if a virus can be classified as a “living thing” because it is just RNA (not even a full set of DNA) and a (ever changing) hull.

who profits from viruses? the bacteria? (because when a body is infected with a virus the immunesystem has all the white-blood-cells-to-do to identify and attack and eat the viruses – so the bacteria have easier play with the host.

Pneumonia affects approximately 450 million people globally (7% of the population) and results in about 4 million deaths per year.[11][12]” (src: Wiki) holy cow those are high numbers.

Mr Gates even your website’s suck! please stay out of tech! X-D

also his fashion choices are very doubtable (who told you to wear a pink sweater? it shall now be called: “pink sweater of death”)

why don’t we all become vegetarian? shall we?

  • than there is no need for alive animal markets in China Cambodia or any other country.
    • meat consumerism has skyrocketed in China, not healthy! all those life animal markets need to be banned forever! globally! (UN? where are you?)
  • meat production is catastrophic for the planet: there is way more land and amount of CO2 and water and energy needed to produce meat than vegetables

have done so since over 10 years and one is still alive.

fun fact: India has the highest rate of vegetarians 34% (src: Wiki) – because of religious reasons (Hindu) (Some states as much as 74% (src: Quora))

What does Mr Gates against COVID19/Corona?

“Specifically, up to $20 million will be directed to organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as health authorities in China and front-line responders; another $20 million will be used to support emergency operations in Africa and South Asia; and the rest, $60 million, will be allocated for the discovery and development of vaccines and long-term treatments and diagnostics for 2019-nCoV.

“Our hope is that these resources will help catalyze a rapid and effective international response,” Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman said in an announcement on Wednesday. “This response should be guided by science, not fear, and it should build on the steps that the World Health Organization has taken to date.” (src)

somehow one does not buy it.

Bill says “thank you for our healthcare workers” on twitter – if he will support MediCare for all?

While on the other hand, he calls medicare for all “crazy”.

the problem: flu virus vaccines not easy to develop against “dirty copy machines”

some viruses such as flu viruses are “dirty copying machines”.

imagine to

  • get a fax (already bad quality)
  • copy the fax
  • copy the copy of the fax
  • copy the copy of the copy of the fax
  • … and so on

sooner or later the DNA/RNA code of the virus becomes “unreadable” and thus becomes defect. (production waste so to speak)


the problem is: some copies… even modified… work.

think of a virus scanner… virus scanner detects VirusAv1 maybe VirusAv2 (with heuristic) but not VirusAv3 (because of some changes in the code).

here one can check how many versions of COVID19 exist

Same problem here… that’s why the flu “comes back” every year.

but our bodies have adapted to it. (the native Indians were hit hard by the flu, because this continent has never seen this virus before, the Spanish even exploited that fact)

the faster a virus mutates and makes dirty copies (many people infected) the more variations exist.

this makes it so hart to develop vaccines.

because in theory a vaccine would have to work on all variations. (this also up to date prevented the development of a vaccine against HIV for example, also a dirty copying machine but not as easily spread as a flu virus)

what the world now needs especially healthcare workers: PPE (personal protective equipment) that Microsoft does not produce – only lockdowns – harmful to an already more or less stagnating economy like hell.

Elon Musk and BlueOrigin (Bezos) and many other companies try to put together national a PPE production line, because globalization aka maximum efficiency and profit have shipped all those factories overseas.

We need a new economic system – that makes sense and are more robust to those shocks and bubbles.

so in retrospect: thanks Thatcher – globalization is now literally killing people!

thanks all involved. (it was probably not her personal f***ed up idea, but the idea of many lobby groups behind her, but she was willing to help)


just for completeness some conspiracy links:

to proof those allegations, always follow the trail of the money. but unless there is no proof, don’t condemn the people, “don’t shoot the scientist”.

Yes there are wall street profiteers who even profit on a falling market (this needs to be forbidden globally, UN? where are you? AGAIN!?)

So in this case Bill Gates can be seen as a scientist.

Yes people will try to profit from the crisis – but going as far as it is a “depopulation” project – is far fetched – after all – it hit the world economy very hard (esp. US economy, China acted swiftly but US is way more hesitating and now has the highest number of infections – in the world) – and that is also bad for Microsoft.

The easiest explanation is: mankind has been stupid, reckless and arrogant and mother nature flexes it’s muscles.

Mother nature could kill us all with a blink of an meteor.

Who could be the winner of this?


Because a f***ed up world and economy is beneficial to nobody.

and those that think they can exploit the situation will soon learn, money is just paper.

btw: before we forget

there are other dangers looming as well:

  • financial crashes and instabilities
    • the financial “system” of paper and digital non-backed currency passed on to private banks WITHOUT conditions like “you have to give 50% to small and medium sized companies – or you will have to return it to the central bank” – if a bank does not produce loan for people that produce jobs – it is broken.
    • a biodiversity of currencies and cooperation systems could alleviate the shock of the collapse say the USD or the EUR
      • yes BitCoin is just one system, but there need to be more decentralized OPEN SOURCE systems with different rules and whatever works best is adopted (does not need to be digital).
  • like solar storms… are we ready for solar storms? highly doubt it.
    • (if a nuclear power plant can not pass a EMP or solar storm test, IT NEEDS TO GO OFFLINE OR BE FIXED! NO MATTER THE COSTS!)
  • meteors
    • UN needs to require all nations to invest into meteor-diversion program which means:
      • detect it early – as early as possible (it is catastrophic that right now mankind does not even know exactly how big this C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) meteor is? (no it will not hit us, but “several kilometers” is a NOT a “precise” number X-D)
      • here is the toplist of possible-to-impact meteors:
        • top of the probability list
        • 1) is this sucker: (2010 RF12);old=0;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#elem
          • Alternate Representations for Impact Probability = 4.9e-2
            4.9% chance of Earth impact
            1 in 20 odds of impact
            95.1% chance the asteroid will miss the Earth
          • date of impact: somewhere after 2095
          • Dimensions ~7m (23 feet)
          • Mass: 5.00E+05 = 500.000kg, 500t, okay? wow. (src)
        • 2) (2018 VP1)
          • Alternate Representations for Impact Probability = 4.1e-3
            0.41% chance of Earth impact
            1 in 240 odds of impact
            99.59% chance the asteroid will miss the Earth
          • Dimensions ~2 meters (7 feet)[3]
          • Mass: 1.6e+4 = 16000kg, 16t (src)
        • … so (almost) no worries, but that DOES NOT MEAN, we, mankind, can standby and play stupid, like “funding this new stadion is just way more sexy voter wise”
        • comparison to the meteor / asteroid that killed the Dinosaurs:
          • Chicxulub impactor, 11 to 81 kilometres (7 to 50 mi) (src: Wiki)
          • Kinetic Energy: 1.3e24 J to 5.8e25 J. (1.300. to (taking the median value of 29.650.000.000GJ = 29.650.000.000.000 GWh of electricity)
          • Diameter: 10.6 km to 80.9 km.” (src:
          • Mass: 1.0e15 kg to 4.6e17 kg ( – 460. (this thing was truly massive)

“most all meteoroids that enter the atmosphere make it to the ground, in the form of microscopic dust” (src)


so if read through all this madness. thanks. and:

here is the reward: check out the yandex image search, it has some nice pictures 🙂

stay healthy!

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