Ever played SingStar on PS2? it is great fun! (for example on one’s birthday party?)

there is a karaoke system for linux called:

An open-source karaoke, band and dancing game where one or more players perform a song and the game scores their performances.

Supports songs in UltraStar, Frets on Fire and StepMania formats.

Microphones and instruments from SingStar, Guitar Hero and Rock Band as well as some dance pads are autodetected.

Website at http://performous.org/ << If you can’t reach it try the mirror


Wiki at https://github.com/performous/performous/wiki

Discord at https://discord.gg/NS3m3ad

For compiling instructions, see docs/Compiling.txt or visit the wiki page: https://github.com/performous/performous/wiki/Building-and-installing-from-source


truly Open Source Karaoke: https://github.com/performous/performous

the software:

under Debian 10:

# update repo info
apt update
# search for it
apt search performous
performous/stable 1.1+git20181118-2 amd64
  karaoke game that allows user supplied songs

performous-tools/stable 1.1+git20181118-2 amd64
  karaoke game that allows user supplied songs - tools

# install
apt install performous

the songs:

this is a bit of a problem as one can imagine.

because usually there is some sort of copyright on almost all songs… EXCEPT: The Free Software song (and some others can be downloaded for free here… unfortunately not in this cool funky version:

or in the metal version:

Piano Version:

the hardware:

here it might get a bit expensive.

yes one could just hook up a mike to analog in, or if one wants to go pro and do audio recording on macs anyway, get this highly recommended usb audio (analog-digital transforming) interface:

the 150 bucks on eBay scarlet focusrite 2i4:

it allows to hook up two mikes (with 3 pin pro microphone cables) at the same time to one’s Linux PC.

now one still needs at least one mike: rode is a vendor of high quality microphones from Australia!

the rode nt1 one can get for 50 bucks at ebay would do the job nicely: https://www.ebay.de/sch/i.html?_osacat=0&_odkw=rode&_from=R40&_nkw=rode+nt1&_sacat=0


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