low and high quality tools:

how to tell if a screwdriver is “low quality” (no matter what the label claims where it is from, everybody knows where such tools are produced): test: it can be bend by hand

also look at the coating of the tip: it is revealing some copperish metal below. copper is easy to coat but pretty soft metal, so actually absolutely the wrong kind of metal to be used for screw drivers tips.

contrast: must have high quality tools: knipex pliers

(die Zange gibt es noch, der Griff wurde etwas verändert, man kann auf eBay nach der Modell-Nummer suchen)

ein MUST HAVE für jeden Bastler / Tüftler und Handwerker.

one can not imagine how useful exactly this model of pliers have been with their firm grip.

PHONE UP KNIPEX! GET EM! (they will last for a lifetime… let’s hope the company stays a family run business and is NEVER sold to anonymous investors and manufacturing moved outside of Germany)

High quality products that last for a lifetime or products that at least are easy to recycle ensure precious resources of this planet do not end on the trash dumpster.

it is just a matter of time, when a cheaper competitor will inflict heavy losses on knipex.

the only way companies like knipex can survive is:

  • constant improvement in all areas (what can still be done one nanometer better?)
  • constant innovation (which includes listening to customers, to knowing what customers need, want and will buy):
    • be always one step ahead of the copy competition that learns new tricks every day.
    • but for how long can such a company keep up this race?
  • communicate the quality to the world
  • also: the state needs to protect it’s job generating “assets”
    • German companies pay higher wages and (unlike Google, Apple and Amazon) a lot of taxes (40%) and thus can not compete with Chinese companies, so the state needs to protect those companies to some degree

alternative to plastic: mobile smart phone phone wrapping sturdy cardboard!

the Nexus 6P is a smart phone produced by Huawai for Google (back in the times those companies and countries got along, hope they can restore cooperation).

it is very robust, almost feels like a plastic case, but it is a very sturdy cardboard! nice job!

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