EPSON LQ-870 needle printer is one fine example that sustainable long lasting durable hardware IS POSSIBLE! EVEN WITH PRINTERS!

Next to it stands a Brother 6490CW, a pretty heavy piece of ink jet machinery (feels like 15kg) with a software bug, that renders it’s network port unusable.

As you know with those ink jets – after a week of not using them, the print heads were dried up and need very messy cleaning with alcohol and a syringe. (high maintenance)

The EPSON LQ-870 was standing still for 10 YEARS! AND IT STILL PRINTS! X-D

Well yes you can not print images that well and only has like 4x fonts it can print.


Because of this high reliability and it’s ability to produce “punch through” copies (print exactly the same on two pages) it is still used today in healthcare for recipes.

This is the kind of hardware mankind needs:

  • that never breaks
    • in stark contrast to “planned obsolescence” (which should be forbidden by law)
    • very solid concepts and engineering
  • needs no or very low and cheap maintenance
    • spear parts as self 3d printable designs online for free
  • you can pass on to your children and it even works for their grand children

mark my words: sustainability in everything is key for survival of mankind.

how to do the Power-On-Self-Test with EPSON needle printer:

  • switch printer off (front left bottom flip switch)
  • hold LF/FF pressed
  • switch printer on
  • you should see “PAPER OUT” and “PAUSE” light up
  • wait a little, then insert some DINA4 paper into the feed




someone was able to make a needle printer work with Linux UBUNTU 🙂 GOOD JOB!

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