this mail looks so convincing… i bet it gets a high “return” rate.

mail is fundamentally broken system – that’s why Google keeps cranking up requirements to send mail to Google and one day it will probably deny ALL mail from outside.

Google forcing users to register/create a mail during setup of their Android based SmartPhones:

  1. should be illegal
  2. is “building up” a monopoly on mail itself


here is the original text of the mail, i could not even find the mailserver it was send from:

2019-01-02 fake password reset mail with real names.txt

PS: I have never used gmail in my whole life! How much longer can it be “avoided”?

It would not be a problem – if mail was encrypted with strong encryption on the client-device – then uploaded to Gmail and stored encrypted.

Than it’s privacy-wise “fine”.

Also all the meta-data should be encrypted (subject, from, to, client/server ips… but i guess there is where the limit of this concept is… because Gmail needs to know in clear-text who is sending mail to who)

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