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Avoid CO2 use the Fusion Reactor in the Sky

(if the 2 is pronanced German than it even rhymes)

as a lot of fossil fuel is (still in 2021!) used to produce electrictiy, it is possible and recommended to set boinc client to only compute during daytime (when there is the highest %percentage% of solar electrictiy in the grid)

Developer(s) IBM
Initial release November 16, 2004[1]
Stable release 7.14.2
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, macOS
Platform BOINC
Type Volunteer computing
Average performance 1.1 PFLOPS[2]
Active users 52,097 (March 2018) [3]
Total users 539,143[3]
Active hosts 255,332[3]
Total hosts 341,612[3]

Global Statistics

Statistics Last Updated: 12/14/18 12:06:03 (UTC) [2 hour(s) ago]
Members 756,034
Devices 4,515,770
Total Run Time 1,723,448 years
Points Generated 2,283,390,574,928
Results Returned 4,438,869,043

if you run a server with spare ressources… register at wcg. You can have twitter status updates like…

# setup under debian and ubuntu
# it seems boinc-client
# needs to be run as root?
apt update
apt install boinc-manager boinc-client
aptitude install boinc-manager boinc-client

The Project: Microbiome Immunity

Mapping new territory inside our bodies Trillions of bacteria inside our bodies may play a large role in the development of diseases such as Type 1 diabetes.
How? Help researchers find out in this comprehensive study of the human microbiome.

Dr Hera Vlamakis, Ph.D.

Group Leader, Research Scientist

Hera Vlamakis is a group leader/research scientist in the Infectious Disease and Microbiome Program at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, working with Ramnik Xavier and Curtis Huttenhower on microbiome projects. Her research focus is understanding how the trillions of bacteria in the human gut, and the small molecules they produce, interact with each other and with the host during health and disease.

Prior to joining the Broad Institute in 2015, Vlamakis was an instructor at Harvard Medical School in the lab of Roberto Kolter.

Vlamakis holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from University of California at Berkeley as well as a B.S. in microbiology from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Her postdoctoral research in microbiology and molecular genetics was undertaken at Harvard Medical School.



Another interesting BOINC project:

comes preinstalled as VirtualBox VM…

Large Hadron Collider(LHC)

Scientific Citations:

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