this setup is a combination of an offgrid 12v solar system and a 12v pump… i still have to find “the perfect pump”.

what 12v pump to use?

“Centrifugal pumps in 12v continuous operation have a low voltage and are always advantageous if higher voltage values are not needed”


“Kreiselpumpen im 12v Dauerbetrieb besitzen eine geringe Spannung und sind immer dann von Vorteil, wenn höhere Spannungswerte nicht benötigt werden”

  • should not be too weak (it needs to pump water 3m up the hill and 30m of hose)
  • should not consume too much power (should work at power out of BlueSolar PWM Light 10A Battery Charging Controllers-12V)
  • should be possible to easily connect to normal garden hoses (8mm hose or 1/2″ hose or 1″ hose)
  • should have no problems with -10 degrees or more
  • should also not give up on little dirty/muddy/soil in water
  • i am not sure if submerged pumps also need a blow back vent… i guess not?

pumping water without ANY electricity?

the “150 Dollar no Electricity Ram Slam Shut Pump”

this is an impressive no-high-tech version…

this 5watt pump does not do it

see youtube review.

Toyota Prius?

not the worst of ideas… but could not find any on

Grundfos (Denmark)

well known for high quality water pumps in heating systems.

Reich Camping Pumpe?


spare yourself the money and damage without warranty.

Noname from Amazon

you can see it in action here.

Xylem Laing Ecocirc solar D5 (New York)


klingt gut, aber teuer. keine tauchpumpe?

Laing Gleichstrompumpen Ecocirc solar vom Typ D5 sind für den direkten Betrieb über ein Photovoltaik-Panel optimiert und zeichnen sich durch kompakte Baumaße, einen hohen Wirkungsgrad, sehr niedrigen Stromverbrauch, Langlebigkeit und ihre automatische Leistungsregelung aus. Dank des wellenlosen Kugelmotorprinzips sind die Pumpen dauerhaft leise und wartungsfrei und können überall dort angewendet werden, wo Flüssigkeiten unabhängig vom festen Stromnetz umgewälzt werden sollen, oder wo kleine hocheffiziente Umwälzpumpen benötigt werden (z.B. thermische Solaranlagen für Ein- bis Zweifamilienhäuser).

Technische Daten
Motorbauart Elektronisch kommutierter Kugelmotor mit permanentmagnetischer Rotor/Laufradeinheit
Nennspannung 8 – 24 Volt
maximale Leistungsaufnahme ca. 37 W
Stromaufnahme 0,25 – 1,46 A
Fördermedien: Brauch- und Heizungswasser,
Wasser/Glykol-Gemische, sonstige Medien auf Anfrage
Isolationsklasse IP 42 / Class F
Pumpengehäusematerial Messing
Max. Systemdruck 1 Mpa (10 bar)
Max. Systemtemperatur -10 bis + 95°C
Anschluß: 1/2″ IG
Baulänge: 65mm
Gewicht 0,7 kg

Pumping water for irrigation conclusion:

combining electricity with water is always critical (one drop can ruin everything)

also: it needs to be damp and rain proof (plastic bag?)

two pumping systems needed:

  1. you will need a storage tank.
  2. ram pump is pumping water from river/stream into storage tank (can’t really switch this on and off)
  3. 12v solar water pump is pumping it into your greenhouse/garden (you can switch this on and off also it would have not the power to pump water more than 2-3m height (at least with the 2x5Watt aquarium pumps))

What battery?

while you can use an infinite amount of used car batteries… if you want to run your laptop on it, you might want a battery that can do deep cycles.

also: you can not leave the battery out in the winter to die. (so this is a summer-only setup, in winter i guess you don’t need a lot of irrigation, or you will have to do this manually with the ram pump (more robust, no electronics).

the battery came wrapped in styrofoam/styropor (perfect insulator) and cardboard/cartonage.

i just kept this as casing for the battery and it served me well.

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