Is social media, facebook, twitter endangering democracy?

Well if you bring in rich individuals such as Mr Mercer with the need to manipulate society: YES.

Cambridge Analytica is a Full Service Propaganda Machine”

“In 2016 CA worked for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign[11] as well as the Leave.EU-campaign for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.” (src: Wikipedia)

Needless to say that Hillary vs Trump is a pest vs cholera decision – and Bernie was the REAL alternative that got forced aside by Hillary.

Mr Mercer invested 15 Million $ into Cambridge Analytica to get Trump elected AND growing the alt-right.

“Playing with the psychology of an entire country in the context of a democratic process”

PsyOps on Steve Bannon” (Breitbart News / White House Chief Strategist)

“we changed his perception of who we were and what we were doing” “Breitbard doctrine” “If you want to change politics – you first have to change culture – politics flows from culture – if you want to change culture – you have to first understand what the units of culture are – people are the units of culture – so you want to change politics – you first have to change people to change the culture.” “cultural weapons”

“app could pull all facebook profile info and also from all friends… so with a couple of 100.000 app installments we had almost all of America”

“in 2-3 months we pulled 50-60 million facebook profiles”

“we risk fragmenting society and lose shared experiences and understanding”

“if we do not have any shared understanding – how can we be a functional society?”

“a healthy dose of skepticism is the best way to go through life”


89% think facebook is influencing their political views.

60% think it is even endangering democracy.

What is alt-right?

Richard Spencer an American white supremacist believes in creating a future white ethnostate for a “dispossessed white race” and has called for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” of non-whites in Europe to halt what he claims is the deconstruction of European culture.[12]

Spencer and others have said that he created the term “alt-right“,[13] which he considers a movement about white identity and a vanguard for white interests.[14][15][16]

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