mankind’s natural inertia in general hates changes… and updates are changes…

but updates are critical for security.

“ALL OS are unsafe – Flash and the most broswers anyway. This year’s Pwn2Own contest showed once more – zero-day-exploits are everywhere and are just waiting to be used.” (src heise)

Mozilla reacted pretty fast – fixing/patching the problem in 22h.

2014: Firefox completely 0wned by polish security researcher

2017: hacking in china

“Team from does it again using 6 (!) bugs to go through Apple to gain root access on macOS – earning $35K. ” (src tweet)

“Chaitin Security Research Lab () welcomes Ubuntu to with a Linux kernel heap OOB access: earns them $15K.” (src tweet)

Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2017-08

integer overflow in createImageBitmap()

March 17, 2017
Firefox, Firefox ESR
Fixed in
  • Firefox 52.0.1
  • Firefox ESR 52.0.1

#CVE-2017-5428: integer overflow in createImageBitmap()

Chaitin Security Research Lab via Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative

An integer overflow in createImageBitmap() was reported through the Pwn2Own contest.

The fix for this vulnerability disables the experimental extensions to the createImageBitmap API.

This function runs in the content sandbox, requiring a second vulnerability to compromise a user’s computer.




The Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), founded by TippingPoint (TrendMicro, founded 1989 by Japanese in USA), is a program for rewarding security researchers for responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities. Depending on who you are, here are a few links to get you started:

Please contact us at zdi [at] trendmicro [dot] com with any questions or queries. For sensitive e-mail communications, please use our PGP key. (German only)

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