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The National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC; Chinese: 國家高速網路與計算中心) is one of ten national-level research laboratories under National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL) in Taiwan. The NCHC is Taiwan’s primary facility for high performance computing (HPC) resources including large-scale computational science and engineering, cluster and grid computing, middleware development, visualization and virtual reality, data storage, networking, and HPC-related training. The NCHC is also responsible for the operation of the 20 Gbit/s Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN), the national education and research network of Taiwan. The NCHC supports local academia and industry with hardware and software, advanced research and application development, and professional training.

| Open Source, Free Software

In the spirit of open source-based software development, the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) utilizes its experience in high performance (HPC), cluster, and grid computing to develop middleware and cloud computing software that fully integrates computing, storage, system deployment, and data analysis. The NCHC strives to provide a simple, user-friendly interface for users to be able to more efficiently use HPC resources.
The NCHC’s primary development teams, the Free Software Lab and the Pervasive Computing Lab, are responsible for developing software technologies including system deployment applications, remote diskless system applications, virtual technology, and big data analysis. These applications not only provide ever better HPC services for domestic academia, but also aim to effectively lower the technological threshold required for industry-based users to use HPC in their product development.

Software development
System deployment: Clonezilla, DRBL-Winroll (a.k.a. Windows mass deployment tool), and Partclone
Clonezilla is a system recovery program that can be used for system deployment, bare metal backup, and disaster recovery. When used along with the built-in program Partclone, Clonezilla can support the backup and recovery of multiple heterogeneous file systems. DRBL-Winroll is an automatic deployment tool used for the mass deployment of Windows OS.

Diskless system applications: DRBL, Tux2live, Tuxboot, and Cloudboot

Diskless Remote Boot in Linux (DRBL) is a remote diskless Linux solution, whereas Tux2live allows users to package the Linux system in their hard drive into a live system. Tuxboot runs in Linux and Windows and can be used to create a live USB. Cloudboot provides for a customizable online booting solution.

Cloud technology integration: Haduzilla, Ezilla, and Easy Cloud

Haduzilla is a tool that enterprises can use to rapidly create a Hadoop cluster. Ezilla is a tool that integrates virtual technology to provide IaaS and is used for setting up a cloud computing platform. Easy Cloud, based on Ezilla, is the name given to the NCHC’s public cloud computing platform.

Software repository mirroring service:
The NCHC’s Free Software Lab provides Liber and open source software mirroring services to domestic and foreign users, and includes numerous GNU/Linux and software packages developed by the NCHC.
Noteworthy achievements
DRBL: Took first place in the “Public Sector” division at the 2007 Les Trophees du libre. DRBL also won the Executive Yuan’s Award for “Outstanding Contributions in Science and Technology” in 2008.

Clonezilla: Selected as one of the best new softwares by PC Magazine for two consecutive years (i.e. 2011 & 2012). Clonezilla was also voted as the best backup software by readers of Linux Journal in December, 2013.
Ezilla: Won the 2010 NARL Award for “Outstanding Contributions in Science and Technology – Honorable Mention” in the Technology Development Category
Tux2live: Won the “Research Innovation” category at the 6th Annual Golden Penguin awards. Tux2live also took home “Honorable Mention” at the 2009 Open Ideas conference.

Co-operative projects

  • DRBL/Clonezilla installation and setup services for computer classrooms.
  • Customized and consultative services for enterprises in deploying DRBL/Clonezilla.
  • Ezilla installation and consultative service for building virtual computer classrooms.
  • Customized Easy Cloud services.
  • Cloud data analysis (Hadoop) computing platform installation and consultative services.
  • Customized software development services.

Contact information

Free Software Lab: Steven Shiau +886-3-5776085 ext.355 *

Pervasive Computing Lab: Serena Pan +886-3-5776085 ext.312 *

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