have you accumulated a large music library?

you totally hate to be forced to use itunes for organizing, sorting, categorizing, searching and transfering your music to ipod iphone and co?

1. sell your ipod

2. buy an phone that can run android

3. move to linux (preferable debian linux jessie 🙂

4. install jajuk jajuk

and discover the gems in your song library that you totally missed out by constantly listening to your favourite playlist…

you can STAR-mark a song… and mark it as favourite etc.

apt-cache search jajuk
jajuk - advanced jukebox and music organizer

apt-get install jajuk

5. let it search your media
jajuk wizard

6. listen to music how you want to listen to it... not how apple thinks they sell more stuff. (R.I.P. Steve Jobs mad and angry creative genious of design and innovation)
jajuk simple

jajuk tracks

jajuk stats

... it automatically downloads album covers and and and...

the gui takes a little time to get used to.

problem: on my quadcore i5 (!) system (debian 8 jessie) jajuk is causing 75% cpu usage…
which might be in the straight after adding a lot of music… and might continue for several days? until jajuk completely indexed it’s database?

but 75% is a lot.

i wonder what to do.

jajuk 75 percent cpu usage

jajuk cpu usage massive


i try disable regular library scan:

jajuk devices jajuk devices configure jajuk disable scan