Курс валют

What would you do, if 90% of things in stores suddenly become 20% more expensive?

Freak out i guess.

That’s exactly what is happening in Russia right now.

It’s the result of the US-initated EU-executed sanctions against Russia.

What will be the result?

Gas from Russia will become more expensive – maybe that’s exactly what the US wants – sell EU US-Shale-Gas.

As always, it’s about money and power not about democracy. How can this madness be stopped?

“Over the past two months, the Russian currency rapidly became cheaper, the dollar exchange rate fell by 28.4% to EUR – 21.1%.

This peak should be reflected on the price tags in stores.”

“The situation in Ukraine on the eve of the G20 summit continues to deteriorate. Accusations about the intersection of Russian equipment in Ukraine increasingly sound that is not encouraging and could trigger new sanctions by the West in relation to the Russian Federation. Recall, the EU is likely to discuss the new restrictions against Russia already on 17 November. Be determined in the future dynamics of the Russian currency will again be the oil price and the decision on sanctions against Russia, “- said the expert FG BCS Ivan Kopeikin.



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