The problem: Some people care about their privacy – most don’t.

So the NSA/CIA/CSHQ/Mi6/BSD-Spying-Complex (linked up with the Google & Facebook probably with the industrial-military complex) thanks to the internet & smartphones, keeps collecting data on their sheeps to find the terrorists amongst us.

Well… that’s the story… come up with your imagination of what this Big-Data could be used as well… steering mankind?

Putin used to be head of the russian spying agency KGB now FSB … now he is head of state… incidence? Could something like this happen in the West (USA, UK, Germany) as well or is it already?

on the internet no one knows you are a dog

The Guardian has set up a website to inform you, what Apps and Programs could protect your privacy in the a Post-Snowden NSA-controled world.

Tor Bundle is very good for your privacy on Desktop/Laptop-PCs: tor-logo

There are some Apps… tested and untested… that might provide better privacy than WhatsApp (bought by Facebook) does.



… works nice, you can send images and text… but you need to remember your password by hard. or use a screen-wipe-number-lock.

ChatSecure, formerly Gibberbot,[9] is a full featured instant messaging application integrated with the Off-the-Record encrypted chat protocol.

The app is built on Google’s open-source Talk app and modified to support the Jabber XMPP protocol.[8]

In addition to providing encryption and authentication — features also provided by typical public-key cryptography suites, such as PGP,GnuPG, and X.509 (S/MIME) — OTR also offers some less common features:

  • Forward secrecy: Messages are only encrypted with temporary per-message AES keys, negotiated using the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol. The compromise of any long-lived cryptographic keys does not compromise any previous conversations, even if an attacker is in possession of ciphertexts.
  • Deniable authentication: Messages in a conversation do not have digital signatures, and after a conversation is complete, anyone is able to forge a message to appear to have come from one of the participants in the conversation, assuring that it is impossible to prove that a specific message came from a specific person. Within the conversation the recipient can be sure that a message is coming from the person they have identified.


untested: – encrypted phone calls – OstelLogo - encrypted phone calls cryptoCat

Cryptocat was used by journalists in the ‪#‎Swissleaks‬ investigation of corruption in Swiss banks.

news:  Prism Break – rent a Phone-Number in a foreign country and have it forward to your phone number – hiding your phone number!?

Start of Concept of Turnkey-Secure Device:

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