i love the american people… but here and there are totally irresponsible ceos.

unfortunally i have to say… nokia would have been better off builing 6310s than doing this…



Stephen Elop: I wasn’t a Trojan horse for Microsoft at Nokia

Former Nokia chief executive denies conspiracy claims and hints at Nokia Android phone survival

stephen elop and steve ballmer

Stephen Elop, former Nokia CEO, denied being a Microsoft ‘Trojan horse” planted by ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

Nokia’s former chief executive has denied being planted in the firm by Microsoft before its acquisition of the company.

Stephen Elop, who previously headed Microsoft’s business division, became Nokia’s chief executive in 2010 and was the first non-Finnish chief in the company’s 149-year history.

Nokia’s annual revenue, profits and share price fell dramatically during Elop’s tenure, and he was instrumental in the company’s decision to ditch its long-held Symbian software for Microsoft’s Windows Phone.


Elop explains: why Nokia didn’t choose Android to replace Symbian

The chief executive of Nokia says that business analysis back in 2010 pointed to the scenario that has played out in the Android business – and he’s pleased with his choice

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