repository for free and open source android software:

über diesen kann man auch den ownCloud Client kostenlos für Handy installieren. (kostenlos)

und auch z.B. openstreetmap (osm) offline maps downloaden. (war bei einer Reise in’s Ausland etc.)


you can install it on your phone and it will let you search it’s repository and manage your installed apps.

so it’s free and less intrusive alternative to the monopolistic all-data-will-be-stored-eternally-hahaha-google play store.

download/get the app:

if you hate giving all our private usage informations to the global google player… you don’t need to have a google account to install software on your android phone.

simply activate “install software from other sources” and download an *.apk file.


free vnc client – download – website:

control the screen of your pc / mac via your smart phone. r-click: double tap

free ftp server – download – website:

access your smartphone via WLAN from your PC with e.g. filezilla.

via cyanogen mod you even can leave out more google-market-place-files.

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