ain’t that nice?

git mergetool vimdiff

# git does not track files and not even changes in files per default

# staged = marked to be commited
mkdir test;
cd test;
git init;
git config --global user.name "developer"; # details about yourself (will be shown in commits)
git config --global user.email "developer@dwaves.de";
git log --graph --decorate --online --all --date-order;
git config --global merge.conflictstyle diff3;
git config --global core.editor vim; # define default editor
git config --global color.ui auto; # make nice colors
git config --global alias.l "log --graph --decorate --online --all --date-order";
git config --global alias.s "status";
git config --global --replace-all alias.l "log --graph --decorate --online --all --date-order";

git diff --staged; # what is unstaged?

# merge feature-branch into master, where both users changed the same line

git checkout master;
git merge feature1; # feature1 is a branch

# Auto-merging readme.txt
# CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in readme.txt
# Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result

git mergetool;

Linus Torvals 2007: calling subversion users @ google “idiots”

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