1. let them work with something visual (text is so abstract… the mind absorb that easily (a lot of encode/decode/interpretation power needed = slow))

/pictures/animations rather than endless text-deserts… the brain is optimized for visual operations (like your graphic card) not for boring, abstract massive mess of symbols (text)


Create a new Story.

Stories are always more interesting (because emotional) than dry technical documentations.


Client: “Hello Server, Client here… you know i am unregistered… would you be so kind?”

Server: “Hello Client, of course, hang on, let me create a new record… done… so my genious oracle mind has come up with a ID for you… here you have it”

Client: “Thank You Server… wow ID 1, am i the first one to register?”

Server: “Yes you are… so now i gonna display you in a list of unregistered devices to the administrator… so he can asign you to a user”Client: “You are the greatest”

Server: “HEYHEY You run without cooling in a plastic bag without failure, respect to you!”

… and so on 😀

YOU SHOULD add GUI-design drawings to that 🙂