1. backup you rexisting installation: check conf/locale.php where your savedir is pointing, also backup this directory (may be outside of web root /var/www !)

tar fcvz dokuwiki_backup_DATE.tar.gz /var/www/dokuwiki-installation/

2. transfer to new server using rsync ( i recommend using screen if it is a very large installation… screen will continue running rsync even when your ssh session times out or ssh exits )

3. get latest dokuwiki and simply extract it over your existing installation


copy the link to your linux-server-shell:

wget http://www.splitbrain.org/_media/projects/dokuwiki/dokuwiki-2012-10-13.tgz

4. i had to change the following files:

vim conf/local.php

delted this line:

$conf['savedir'] = '/home/user/dokuwiki/data/';


vim inc/preload.php

and updated




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