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ECRYPT-CSA and PQCRYPTO organize a conference on post-quantum cryptography on 31 Jan and 01 Feb.

The conference will be preceeded by several PQCRYPTO research retreats on 29 – 30 Jan in the same venue. The retreats are open to the public. Topics of the research retreats are

We will start at 09:30 with some general introduction and then split into smaller groups. The meeting rooms are on level 2, taking the stairs down from the lobby. You can also get there from the breakfast room by going till the end of the seating area (pool on your left), then a bit further, till you find a staircase down.


Speakers for the workshop include


The research retreats will run from the morning of 29 Jan till the afternoon of 30 Jan. The conference will run from the morning of 31 Jan till the afternoon of 01 Feb. More details to come, soon.

For full details and times see here.


Please contact:
Tanja Lange

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