LANCOM is not so well known German company that is the partner when it comes to “business” DSL routers for Telekom and T-Systems customers and as such they are conducting the worst closed source rippoff of their customers possible.

multiple things pisses this user off immensely when it comes to LANCOM: why would make large arcs around Lancom in the future:

  • charging for software updates to their VPN client (which is mostly fixing their own SECURITY PROBLEMS)
  • Lancom routers after END OF FIRMWARE SUPPOR go into the trash, because it is not possible to install OpenWRT on them (Freescale CPU?) (no open source support at all)
  • updates: unlike Fritzboxes of AVM: firmware updates can NOT be installed via internet semi- or fully-automatically
    • the user has to manually call T-Systems support, which then does not even need a password to log on to the system to see “oh yes the firmware is really old should we upgrade it?” (YES OF COURSE!)
    • how should the security be guaranteed here?
  • in order to sell the almost-useless licenses, because a 50 Bucks update fee is required to update, the licence sticker does not even say for what version of VPN client it is … worst worst possible customer support.
  • the best example of “there is surely something wrong with this company”

before the users release their angers on the “inofficial” forum: be aware: this forum is NOT from lancom but rather by lancom affected customers (may the source be with you)

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