From Open Source software to Open Hardware: RISC-V is the future:

“Computer chip designs are expensive and hard to license. That’s all about to change thanks to the popular open standard known as RISC-V”

future Smart Phones could be running on RISC-V CPUs! 2023-03

RISC-V goes to space! NASA announced in 2022:

looking for a new SoC? (or SBC?)

search eBay for GPIO+SoC, GPIO+SBC, but also checkout what those are up to:

most importantly: the user’s project should be easily portable from one SoC-SBC to the next, to not be “stuck” to one particular model that is not manufactured anymore in 2 years time.

2x faster: T-HEAD Light Lichee Pi 4A vs StarFive VisionFive V2

a few days later… a new SoC 2x the RISC-V speed 😀

it’s a bit pricey: for the 8GB RAM version, search eBay

what is also cool & new: modular design: so in theory: keep the baseboard-mainboard (RAM and connectors), just switch out the CPU 😀

v2 of an excellent RISC-V SOB is out:

… AND IT GOT A GPU 😀 which means: first time many users can now see LibreOffice is running on RISC-V 😀 (it’s still slow but well :D)

also remarkable: price-wise it can compete with the Raspberry 4 and ODROID N2l!

Now even more powerful + GPU : StarFive VisionFive 2 JH7110 64bit SoC: building a riscv pc – risc-v fedora emulator in javascript in browser

unfortunately: the performance of the RISC V CPU is still light years away from the ARM competition 😐 (but it’s a start)

SoC: battle rages on: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (currently 89,99 Bucks) Rev 1.5 vs HardKernel Co., Ltd. ODROID-N2L (currently 105,39 Bucks)

this is a very close race, the odroid (once more) is a whee bit faster, but Raspberry developers finally have a CPU of decent speed 😀 congratz all involved!

problem: the RaspBerry probably (still) needs a massive GPU binary driver blob to boot, while the community of both SoC is bretty decent, the RaspBerry community is without a doubt larger.


youtube-benchmark: can it do decent youtube playback (of course) IN THE BROWSER?

  • it can do 1080p with 0 dropped frames
  • it can not do 4k or 8k playback (even if a lot of companies like to advertise their boxes “can do 8k”)
    • THE ONLY possible WAY for 8k x264 or x265 videos to play fluently is a DEDICATED in HARDWARE x264 and x265 DECODING CHIP as even a amd-ryzen-5600g can do it “in software” but really  hitting it’s limit by the amount of processing required for 8k (in this case AV1) decoding)


holy crap what is this? X-D

what is neat: it runs on 12V 😀

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