a new AI image generator tool


problem: they limited usage to like 1 picture per day (try tor browser bundle – several times)

input: “city on mars”

while this looks impressive and Mars actually has 2 moons and while they are visible from the surface, they are much smaller.

input: “greenhouse on mars”

while this looks like greenhouse:

something more underground with artificial light, seems more reasonable because:

“Why cosmic radiation could foil plans for farming on Mars” “New research suggests gamma rays stunt plant growth.”

input: “terraforming mars”

Mars used to be much more habitable.

“Life could have found a way to establish on Mars 4.48 billion years ago, according to a new study” (CNN)

What has happened?

Mars lost it’s magnetic field-shield.

Without a magnetic field-shield, the atmosphere including all water is gradually blown into outer space.

So there is no need to nuke Mars, all it needs is a very durable and long lasting artificial magnetic field-shield.

Undobale? It is doable.

Simply position a satellite on the lagrange point between sun and Mars and keep it running for decades 😀

input: “mother earth and father heaven”

input: “world peace”

input: “linus torvalds on mars”

could not finish those requests:

input: “richard stallman on mars”

input: “tux on mars”

because it kept throwing up:



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