Light: Wave or Particle? Mankind actually does not know EXACTLY how 1) gravity works 2) how light “works” X-D

“it’s not a wave and it’s not a particle, it’s quantum mechanical object

(why mechanical? why just not a quantum object?)

Two light “waves” that exactly overlap each other, cancel each other out (Just disappeared? (Can’t be actually X-D) where does the energy go?)

If you imagine that overlapping waves behave like two people pulling equally hard on a rope, then the energy is not gone either, but the energy was invested into the rope and deformed it (streched it for a short time before returning aprox to it’s previous state or if enough fource: ripping in two parts) X-D

I.e. where does the energy go (space-time deformation?) if two overlapping light waves cancel each other? X-D

It can NOT be gone, maybe it heated up the air?

One does not know.

PS: If we can explain this, we could win a Nobel Prize X-D

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