For inspiration to space travel, it is enough to watch the excellent-music scifi intros 😀

space travel inspirations – best most epic Sci Fi theme songs and intros

StarTrek NextGeneration was also inspiration for iProf. Dr. Martin Tajmar to develop electric propulsion systems such as ION thrusters <a href=""></a>

StarTrek NextGeneration was also inspiration for Prof. Dr. Martin Tajmar to develop electric propulsion systems such as ION thrusters (Prof Tajmar is very greateful to Elon Musk to kick off the space race to Mars, as he thought it will not happen within his lifetime)

current status quo of propulsion: SpaceX’s Starship 33x raptors (go raptors! go!)

the future of propulsion:

Either this or nuclear powered propulsion might be a real game changer, as it would allow fast travel to Mars.

China is on to it as well: “Prototype design for a powerful nuclear reactor for the space programme has been completed and some components have been built, according to researchers” (src)

Good luck all involved 😀 (seriously!) (and: fly save!)

The main actors of StarTrek are all famous and well known, Kirk & Spock, Piccard & Data, Crusher, Worf, Riker & Troy, Gordie…

Just as with “Star Trek lower decks” the “lower deckers” are the endless list of innovative and gifted writers-story-editors, 3D artists (A LOT OF HAND MADE MODELS WERE USED) and everyone behind the scenes that unfortunately NEVER get the red carpet rolled out for the Oscars, but without them, there was no StarTrek, they would deserve to be treated and paid just as much as the actors,, as their work is at the core and base of it all.

No matter the budget, without innovative story, no one is going to watch it, because there is “nothing to learn” 😀

Star Trek lower decks“, which at least, took the Star Trek universe somewhat “serious”, while cracking some jokes. Well done 🙂

Actor looks back at his untouchable tenure as Starfleet’s greatest warrior with warmth and appreciation: “It’s one of those things that validates the idea that you chose the right profession,” Dorn says. “My mother would be proud of me that I had a profession that I’ve been at for the majority of my life. That’s an accomplishment, I think.”’ (src)

Little is known about the genious story writers, the true core next to Gene Roddenberry’s directing, that made StarTrek NextGeneration what it is:

  • the story and definition of StarFleet is:
    • a band of humans and aliens, that tries to bring order and peace to the universe
    • that is focused on exploration & learning & science
  • the “first” or “prime directive” says:
    • don’t play “alien abduction by UFO” with other species and thus do not intervene with other species
    • unless it happens by accident or it has to be done to save the species
  • it should be the core task of Starfleet to help all conscious life to help to survive the harsh conditions the black-cold-darkness universe (described by Cpt Kirk William Shatner himself as warm blue blanket of Earth vs the darkness of space – is this death?) with temps as cold as -270.4 °C (-454.8 °F) + deadly radiation + asteroid impacts + loss of magnetic shield (Mars) + run away climate change (as it has happened on Venus)… the list of deadly threats out there is ENDLESS.
    • one example, how harsh radiation is on the Moon: astronauts can spend max 6 months in UNDERGROUND bases on the Moon, without exceeding the legally required limits (src)
    • so even “underground” the radiation on the Moon is SEVERE to life! (unless you are a Tardigrade )

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