got a new toy.

after the MDADM RAID0 with 2x datacenter capable Kingston directly mounted on the mobo, did not turn out MASSIVE speeds 😀 (it was just a test, what speeds those datacenter (!!! 24-7 operation for years!!!) can do, so don’t expect MASSIVE speeds, as those NVMes are optimized for long-term-usage in servers! for this they are a very very good price!)

so after this test in a workstation, they are removed and put aside for later use in a server.

tried something new, is it possible to boot GNU Linux from a PCIe attached NVMe? Yes it is! 😀 (but only if UEFI is supported by the distribution, so during Debian setup go “force UEFI instllation”)

the speeds are okayish as this card only can do PCIe x4.

when installing the NVMe DIRECTLY on the botherboard, speeds are almost 2x (tested with time iozone -a)


yes it is possible to UEFI boot GNU Linux from NVMe on Icy Box M.2 NVMe Extensions Card PCIe – but it is not fast, BUT it might be a very interesting way to get NVMe speeds to older systems (NVMe upgrade, IF mobo has UEFI!) without dedicated on-the-mobo NVMe slot! 😀

(just test it out, if it does not work return the Icy Box card)

NOTE: a lot of screws will be left over.

only used 1x COOLING STRIP on TOP, did not use one on bottom, as this NVMe is particular thick and it would have bend and possibly broken the NVMe!

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