• an new wallbox needs to be jumper reset, otherwise it won’t be recognized by “SixAbCon.exe” the tool to setup new devices for Sidexis
  • the service pwd is the first 4 digits of the current date, backwards


this is from the official RECENT (2022-04) manual pdf (it is not in old manual) with sha512sum e153644992d9dad2e0a0102542be6fc0b4a68f058f3be93fe231ecf38589157257698fd2427abc41511b15ba5ee0fdea53c6ff5e0764519a783f888884ceb838

if the user is lucky, it might be found here somewhere

  • it is also reachable by (GNU Linux) telnet
  • it has a web interface
    • start wireshark & direct LAN hookup to box
    • restart the box to get it’s ip
      • start firefox and browser to ip
        • usr: sirona pwd: service

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