this has to do with Caja calculating thumbnails for EVERY (!!!) picture ever found in a folder that matches the “below this and that file size” settings.

having a picture “preview” possibility in a file manager is neat but if not done properly it is not only slowing down interactions massive “hang-during-open-folder” it can be pretty privacy intrusive as EVERY picture is cached (forever?)  under /home/user/.cache/thumbnails/normal even pictures that were deleted long time ago (the user probably deleted them for a (privacy?) reason and wants them to be gone!!!)

plz all developers: KISS MORE UNIX STYLE 😀

… in the case of the otherwise EXCELLENT because of simplicity of design and usability caja file manager

the “preview” of pictures other files became “too much” for i5 CPUs to take.

So when opening a folder caja can hang for quiet a while before resuming operation (“preview” function is to blame for this).

Unless the user has a very powerfull and fast CPU + NVMe or SSD harddisk disable the preview function for all file types.

Caja > Edit > Preferences > Preview > Text Files & Other & Sound Files & Folders  > Preview sound files: Never


it might also be interesting in looking for Gnome2 compatible alternatives 😀



Dolphin and Krusader file manager depends on KDE, so A LOT of additional libraries would have to be installed (less software = keep it simple = usually better for security & overall system performance:

  • dolphin
    • apt reports:
      • 157 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded / Need to get 29.9 MB of archives.
  • krusader
    • apt reports:
      • 127 newly installed / Need to get 25.7 MB of archives


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