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if there is one thing SciFi can do for mankind is: think ahead what could be possible!

Don’t look at the clumsyness of the robot dog struggling to get up a rocky hill.

Imagine what the 2nd, 3rd, 4th… 10th generation of this robot will be capable of.

history teaches:

what can technically be done, will be done, INTERNATIONAL (!) rules and regulations might help declare this and that a crime, but someone will do it never the less (but then it is at least categorized as a crime and can be dealed with as such on an international basis).

mankind might be at a critical junction, we all decide how society is going to look like in 10 years time, let us re-structured in a good for all way, not in an “dystopian for all” way (even if some folks think it’s “cool” or is a good way to make profit, it’s not, need more positive stories, what the future is going to be like).

All those soldiers, truckers and warehouse workers and others that will lose their job because “AI” a “robot” can do it better, will find new meaning in life.

There enabling humans (give em land and tools) to carry out self sufficiant ecological lifestyles close to nature (imho) would be a GREAT solution.

Yes there can be the occasial farming robot X-D

“The Pentagon’s public spending on AI, including autonomy, ballooned to $2.5 billion in 2021 from a little more than $600 million in 2016. More than 685 AI projects, including several tied to major weapons systems, were underway as of early 2021, according to the Government Accountability Office.” (

and then there are those:

drones: “flying killer robots” + AI = catastrophe?

The drone warfare of the US has shown: “The Warfare May Be Remote But The Trauma Is Real”

Drone pilots in contrast to their “regular” F-16 and F-15 pilot colleges, usually do not see – in detail – what their rockets are doing to human beings and the people that happen to be close by, but Drone pilots do, Drone pilots are required to confirm the kill.

So an autonomous killer would be a conveniant thing:

  • It has no psychological problems with killing humans
  • never sleeps & apart from electricity: no costs

The Turkish military:

already combined drones + AI: Baykar Bayraktar TB2 can fly and search for enemies autonomously, but it will not kill autonomously, but it can remember the last position the enemy was hiding.

The Turkish have shown: that rules are not so important for them, who will influence Turkey to not develop this further? Or at least: make it’s developments transparent to the world?

(Same goes for all the other military research facilities where robots and AI are combined for one reason only: to destroy targets, which will be humans)

Google (Alphabet):

“Both the Defense Department and Google have adamantly denied that AI will be used in combat situations, but Marine Corps Col. Drew Cukor was quick to add the phrase “any time soon,” during a defense-tech conference speech last year.”

Google’s response to the situation was not enough, according to the former employees who spoke to Gizmodo, who said in the interview that “the strongest possible statement [they] could take against this was to leave.” (src:

Boston Dynamics

builds both civilian and military robots and is VERY aware of how bad publicity could ruin their business model… so th euser will not find a single military used robot on their website.

  • Spot” RoboDog that als inspects SpaceX launchpad dog-Spot-Stretch
    • previous clumsy version BigDog
  • Stretch:
    • assembly line and ware house work, possibly replacing workers
  • Atlas
    • this will definately also be used (unfotunately, unless some international regulating body steps in ON TIME like NOW) as a military robot


The Guardian Female Robot from Japan Erica Man Made


WRC 2022 – China’s largest robot exhibition Bejing:

Lee Boyan CEO of is very frank about his goal: “to replace humans at work”

So that’s what it is all about. More slaves that behave.

check out this KUKA robot company (naive German sold this company to China in 2016) plays Music, plays TableTennis and Pool Billiard

there is only one way: pro-active building a better future

so that Orwell does not have to look like this:

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