so is this a “serious” amp?

or just a “gadget”?

have seen a lot of good reviews on youtube… including the “Brutally Honest Gear Reviews” and because the 70s Oranges OR 100 or 120 are not made anymore 🙁 (and very expensive by now 2000 Bucks and more!)

(of course it is Made in China in contrast to the old Oranges from the 60s and 70s)


thought about testing out the: “Positive Grid” “Spark 40” “Practice” “Amp”… (all digital… no “tubes”)

… it’s really the FIRST amp ever that one applied a firmware update to 😀

the BLUETOOTH connection between Samsung Phone + Android 13 + Spark Amp DOES NOT WORK VERY WELL!

(the firmware update did nothing to fix this)

(it might work better with the Apple devices & the App for Apples)

(so the Bluetooth connect it is very very buggy X-D, managed to connect twice… but then it disconnected on it’s own again!)

in theory – this is PRETTY PRETTY COOL and THE ONLY WAY how to get a decent sound out of this thing.

so if the app works: this “practice” amp is actually pretty nice and SHOULD be possible to tune the amp to the player’s guitar sound needs.

It is of course FAR from the sound of an ORANGE.

But let’s not compare Apples with Oranges X-D

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