as most users know, Ubuntu (a Nguni Bantu term meaning “humanity”) is, still (luckily) based on GNU Linux Debian.

But more software is not necessarily better.

What Ubuntu nicely does:

  • more recent kernel
  • it aims for even greater hardware compatibility
    • (Debian = the “Universal” (boot anywhere even toasters) OS already has MASSIVE hardware compatibility, respect & thanks for that)

the downsides:

  • more software = more complexity = violates UNIX KISS = will lead to troubels as can be seen in this screenshot:
  • snapd is a bloat that creates too many virtual mount points (confusing)
    • how to completely remove snap (yes Ubuntu will still work fine, and maybe not hang on shutdown with messages like…)
    • # list all installed snaps
      # (software packages installed via snap)
      snap list
      snap remove snapd-desktop-integration;
      snap remove snap-store;
      snap remove bare;
      snap remove snapd;
      snap remove lxd;
      snap remove core20;
      systemctl stop snapd;
      systemctl disable snapd;
      systemctl mask snapd;
      apt remove --purge snapd -y;
      apt-mark hold snapd;
  • instead of improving the existing network management system, Canonical came up with it’s own network and ip address management system called netplan, adding to the confusion that is already out there.

just REALLY REALLY urge the Ubuntu developers and their contributors to go back to UNIX KISS PLUS a software quality system (automated and manual tests according to a test-list / use-case-list, DO NOT SHIP IF A TEST FAILS) or experience the wrath of frustrated users, just as M$ did.

Any other “policy” will also damage “GNU Linux” reputation for being pretty solid piece of software in general, as some users associate “GNU Linux = Ubuntu”.

GNU Linux overtakes OSX at developers!!!

While (according to several (this, or that) not M$ (?) sponsored statistic sites, the usage of GNU Linux is (despite all efforts) amongs “normal” users still lingers below a mere 5% market share, the usage of GNU Linux under developers has OVERTAKEN OSX 😀

HOW is Ubuntu derived/build from Debian?

Ubuntu is STILL 74% DEBIAN

“Basically, Every Ubuntu cycle, until Debian Import Freeze, source packages that aren’t modified in Ubuntu are copied from Debian into Ubuntu, daily (the 74% branch). Packages that have been modified in both Debian & Ubuntu get manually merged (the Patch branch), usually by the developer who last touched the package in Ubuntu.

Some core packages (kernel, much of the desktop, and other bits) doesn’t come from Debian at all, and comes straight from Upstreams (the 11% branch)

So, Ubuntu gets to maintain its own core set of packages and also get the benefit of the huge quantity of Debian packages.” (src)

this means… 74% of all income of Canonical should be donated to 😀

Net income: Increase US$4.4 million (2020)[2]: 13 

(or at least a substantial amount of time & money, will Mr Mark Shuttleworth deliver? (kernel live patching)

Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only) Ubuntu Pro
Physical server $225 $500
Desktop – per machine per year n/a $25

“Every system covered by an Ubuntu Advantage support contract is entitled to use the Canonical Livepatch Service at no additional cost, starting at our entry level UA Essential for $75/year for virtual machines, or $225/year for pnysical machines” (src))

costs for red hat live kernel patching with kpatch:

can Debian do kernel live patching too with kpatch? (untested!)

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