it’s a two part process:

1. install the drivers

(thanks all involved great work 🙂

su - root
apt update
apt install printer-driver-ptouch

2. install the printer via cups web browser interface




-> Administration -> Add Printer

select the driver for QL-650TD

click on “Add Printer”

stick with the default options.

3. (optional but recommended) get some templates for LibreOffice:


(print some nice sentences… and make ’em stick… e.g. to a traffic light post… )

for example:

it can do pictures fairly fast…

“fascinating” isn’t it?

what about GNU Linux + seiko label printers?

tried to setup Debian 12 + Seiko Smart Label 650

but with the original ppd files from seiko ran into this problem:

==> /var/log/cups/error_log <== 
E [14/Mar/2024:14:49:12 +0100] SII_SLP650: File \"/Library/Printers/SII/\" not available: No such file or directory 
E [14/Mar/2024:14:49:12 +0100] [Job 419] Unable to start filter "/Library/Printers/SII/" - No such file or directory. 
E [14/Mar/2024:14:49:12 +0100] [Job 419] Stopping job because the scheduler could not execute a filter. 

right now testing:

#argh #toocomplicated X-D

the vendor should provide ready-to-go-debs

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