Updates are sometimes welcome, sometimes hated.

This is how the slogan: “never touch a running/working system” originated.

But in the times of the wild west internet, all directly or indirectly internet connected devices need to stay as up to date as possible, to avoid security problems.

First of DokuWiki is a nice software, it’s cool that it can do a lot of fancy stuff such as LDAP (?) if the user needs it.

What is not cool, to have a lot of plugins installed per default.

Instead of starting with a bare minimum of software.

Because with “too much stuff” build in/installed per default, things tend to fall apart quickly.

This time it happened in a “tripple” upgrade situation:

  • php8 is about to be released for all major distributions
  • DokuWiki “upgrade plugin” needs updating
  • DokuWiki itself needs updating

… things fell apart at the 1st step already, resulting in a still readable, but pretty ugly (missing CSS) version of what it was before.

culprit: with a stylesheed not being properly generated any more resulting in error:


<br />
<b>Warning</b>: Undefined array key "speech" in <b>/path/to/dokuwiki/lib/exe/css.php</b> on line <b>83</b><br />
<br />
<b>Fatal error</b>: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in <b>/path/to/dokuwiki/vendor/marcusschwarz/lesserphp/lessc.inc.php</b> on line <b>761</b><br />

DokuWiki authors added  the work of this author


to DokuWiki.

holy cows!

okay… all the user wants is an easy editable file based wiki.

Why exactly should this CSS compiler be needed?

the bloatware dokuwiki currently spans no less than:

wget https://download.dokuwiki.org/out/dokuwiki-8186df5bcf8bba07ff8638254a75b094.tgz
tar fxvz dokuwiki-8186df5bcf8bba07ff8638254a75b094.tgz
find ./dokuwiki |wc -l
5579 files

(much less than some php frameworks… but still a lot of files… with a lot of stuff… that could go wrong)

once again violating UNIX K.I.S.S and leading to disasters

PS: while a software as complex as DokuWiki has become DEFINATELY contains errors (like a very very faulty SPAM detection mechanism)

Tthe hel forum https://forum.dokuwiki.org/ is engaging in utter useless “overblocking”.

As soon as the user posts a single example link (even if that link does not even work)

It is reported as spam and the user is blocked – forever. Be Brave New Web World.

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