what’s in the (Debian apt) repo concerning RSS (News) Feeds?

apt search rss

… then manually filtered.

akregator/stable 4:20.08.3-1 amd64
RSS/Atom feed aggregator

cairo-dock-rssreader-plug-in/stable 3.4.1+git20201022.a0d3415c-1 amd64
RSS Reader plug-in for Cairo-dock

chromium-tt-rss-notifier/stable 0.5.2-2.1 all
Chromium extension providing toolbar button for TT-RSS installations

chronicle/stable 4.6-2.1 all
HTML & RSS blog compiler

claws-mail-feeds-reader/stable 3.17.8-1+b1 amd64
Feeds (RSS/Atom/RDF) reader plugin for Claws Mail

elpa-elfeed/stable 3.4.1-1 all
Emacs Atom/RSS feed reader

elpa-elfeed-web/stable 3.4.1-1 all
Emacs Atom/RSS feed reader – web interface

evolution-rss/stable 0.3.96-2+b1 amd64
Evolution RSS Reader Plugin

feed2exec/stable 0.17.1 all
programmable feed reader

feed2exec-doc/stable 0.17.1 all
programmable feed reader – documentation files

feed2imap/stable 1.2.7-1 all
feed aggregator (RSS/Atom) which puts items on a IMAP mail server

feed2toot/stable 0.16-1 all
automatically parses rss feeds, and posts entries to the fediverse

feedreader/stable 2.10.0-1.1 amd64
simple client for online RSS services like tt-rss and others

firmware-myricom/stable 20210315-3 all
Binary firmware for Myri-10G Ethernet adapters

gnome-feeds/stable 0.16.2+dfsg1-1 all
RSS/Atom feed reader for GNOME

golang-github-mmcdole-gofeed-dev/stable 1.1.0-1 all
Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Go (library)

golang-github-tideland-golib-dev/stable 4.24.2-1 all
collection of misc Go packages

grr.app/stable 1.0-1+b6 amd64
RSS reader for GNUstep

libghc-feed-dev/stable amd64
Haskell interface to RSS and Atom feeds

libghc-feed-doc/stable all
Haskell interface to RSS and Atom feeds; documentation

libghc-feed-prof/stable amd64
Haskell interface to RSS and Atom feeds; profiling libraries

libgrss-dev/stable 0.7.0-2+b11 amd64
Glib-based library to manage RSS and Atom feeds – development files

libgrss0/stable 0.7.0-2+b11 amd64
Glib-based library to manage RSS and Atom feeds

libjs-jquery-jfeed/stable 12-3 all
jQuery RSS/Atom feed parser plugin

libjswingreader-java/stable 0.3-3 all
RSS NewsFeed reader for Java

libkf5syndication-dev/stable 1:5.78.0-2 amd64
parser library for RSS and Atom feeds – development files

libkf5syndication-doc/stable 1:5.78.0-2 all
parser library for RSS and Atom feeds – documentation

libkf5syndication5abi1/stable 1:5.78.0-2 amd64
parser library for RSS and Atom feeds

libperlanet-perl/stable 2.0.5-1 all
program for creating programs that aggregate web feeds

libphp-simplepie/stable 1.3.1+dfsg-5 all
RSS and Atom feed parsing in PHP

libpoe-component-rssaggregator-perl/stable 1.11-1.1 all
POE component to watch multiple RSS feeds

librome-java/stable 1.12.2-1 all
Java library to handle Atom and RSS feeds

librsskit0d-dbg/stable 0.4-1+b3 amd64
GNUstep RSS framework (debugging symbols)

libwiki-toolkit-plugin-rss-reader-perl/stable 1.6-3.1 all
module to retrieve RSS feeds for inclusion in Wiki::Toolkit nodes

libwww-opensearch-perl/stable 0.17-1.1 all
search OpenSearch compatible web sites

libxml-feedpp-mediarss-perl/stable 0.02-2.1 all
Perl module providing Media RSS support for XML::FeedPP

libxml-feedpp-perl/stable 0.95-1 all
module to parse/write/merge/edit RSS/RDF/Atom syndication feeds

libxml-rss-feed-perl/stable 2.212-1.2 all
Perl module for Persistent XML RSS (RDF Site Summary) Encapsulation

libxml-rss-libxml-perl/stable 0.3105+dfsg-2.1 all
module for creating, parsing, updating RSS files with XML::LibXML

libxml-rss-perl/stable 1.62-1 all
Perl module for managing RSS (RDF Site Summary) files

libxml-rss-simplegen-perl/stable 11.11-6 all
Perl module for easily writing RSS files

libxml-rsslite-perl/stable 0.15+dfsg-3.1 all
lightweight, “relaxed” RSS (and XML-ish) parser

libxmlplaylist-ocaml-dev/stable 0.1.5-1+b1 amd64
Playlist parser for various xml formats

liferea/stable 1.13.5-3 amd64
feed/news/podcast client with plugin support

newsboat/stable 2.21-1 amd64
text mode rss feed reader with podcast support

node-htmlparser2/stable 6.0.0-5 all
Fast & forgiving HTML/XML/RSS parser

php-horde-feed/stable 2.0.4-9 all
Horde Feed libraries

python-podcastparser-doc/stable 0.6.5-1 all
Simplified, fast RSS parsing library (common documentation)

python3-feedgenerator/stable 1.9-2 all
Syndication feed generation library (Python 3 version)

python3-feedparser/stable 5.2.1-3 all
Universal Feed Parser for Python 3

python3-listparser/stable 0.18-2 all
Parse OPML, RDF+FOAF, and iGoogle subscription lists

python3-podcastparser/stable 0.6.5-1 all
Simplified, fast RSS parsing library (Python 3)

python3-pyrss2gen/stable 1.1-2 all
interface for generating RSS 2.0 feeds for Python 3

quiterss/stable 0.19.4+dfsg-1 amd64
RSS/Atom news feeds reader

raptor2-utils/stable 2.0.14-1.2 amd64
Raptor 2 RDF parser and serializer utilities

redland-utils/stable 1.0.17-1.1+b1 amd64
Redland Resource Description Framework (RDF) Utility programs

rss-bridge/stable 2020-11-10+dfsg1-1 all
web service generating ATOM feeds for websites that don’t have them

rss-glx/stable 0.9.1-6.1+b3 amd64
Really Slick Screensavers GLX Port

rss2email/stable 1:3.12.2-2 all
receive RSS feeds by email

rssguard/stable 3.9.0+dfsg-2 amd64
simple, light and easy-to-use RSS/ATOM feed aggregator

rsstail/stable 1.8-1+b1 amd64
console RSS reader that monitors a feed and outputs new entries

ruby-feedparser/stable 0.9.7-1 all
Ruby library to parse ATOM/RSS feeds

ruby-jekyll-feed/stable 0.15.1-1 all
Atom feed generator for Jekyll

sabnzbdplus/stable 3.1.1+dfsg-2+deb11u1 all
web-based binary newsreader with nzb support

thunderbird/stable-security 1:91.8.0-1~deb11u1 amd64
mail/news client with RSS, chat and integrated spam filter support

tickr/stable 0.7.0-3 amd64
GTK-based highly graphically-customizable Feed Ticker

tt-rss/stable 21~git20210204.b4cbc79+dfsg-1 all
Tiny Tiny RSS – web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator

tweeper/stable 1.4.3-1 all
web scraper to convert supported websites like Twitter.com to RSS

xmms2-plugin-rss/stable 0.8+dfsg-21 amd64
XMMS2 – RSS podcast plug-in

yapra/stable 0.1.2-7.1 all
Yet Another Pragger implementation
Pragger is a pluggable RSS/Atom feed aggregator written in Ruby.

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