straight after (Debian based) GNU Linux OS setup, usually doing those modifications to:

  • speed up boot & start of programs
    • grub timetout 1sec
    • shotcuts for faster start of programs
      • in MATE Desktop Alt+F2 -> fox, will start firefox (no need to type the full word)
  • make sure every ext3/ext4 on fast SSD/NVMe is filesystem checked on boot
  • basic security enhancing by stopping/disabling ssh on boot
  • basic tools (gui and non-gui) tools are installed
  • make sure to set timezone and internet sync time
  • make sure numlock is on on boot

as wordperss is often messing up special chars when pasting… need to provide it as downloadable file (it’s just text).

su - root
mkdir /scripts
cd /scripts

# checkout what it does
# WARNING! SCRIPT IS ONLY FOR Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bullseye)!
# it can be easily modified for bullseye (10)
# open it up in vim
# search replace all "bookworm" with "bullseye"
# then write and quit vim
chmod +x *.sh

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GNU Linux Debian – basic simple script – tracker status release stable – semi-manual system update method vs full automatic updates – apt can do https now: update /etc/apt/sources.list http -> https

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