app only? no browser support?

not exactly click here: any tag topic can be seen in browser via:

so it seeeems like these service are aimed at selling and be used mostly by app with the pretty expensive Librem 5 phone.

it is kind of unclear how to proceed “in browser” from that login screen X-D

probably sign in here:

not exactly click here: any tag topic can be seen in browser via:

We don’t look at your junk… or anything else

Purism is a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC)

  • which means we put social good above exploiting people
  • Librem One is a growing bundle of services
    • chat, tunnel, email, social, and more from Purism, SPC.
  • We believe that privacy and technology can be ethical and convenient
  • Librem One allows you to reclaim your privacy, securely communicate to your friends, and does so easily with your freedoms intact.
  • We bundle all the tools together for you to replace the privacy invading, locked-in, exploitative big-tech services.
  • Putting you in charge of your digital life.
  • We provide products and services based on values that society wants, that respect digital civil rights.
  • Welcome to Librem One, socially responsible services from Purism.

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