Venus 3.8 Billion years ago

Venus 3.8 Billion years ago, volcanic eruptions released so much CO2 that lead to run-away greenhouse effect making Venus the hellish +500C sulfuric-acid-metal-rain world it is now.

“If Earth loses ability to fix CO2” (warming oceans, permafrost melting = releasing methane) then we are f… “Earth is probably going to become even hotter than Venus” (+500C)

Venus today:

“Venus is a warning for us because it shows what happens when CO2 goes out of control”

Mars 3.8 Billion years ago

Mars 3.8 Billion years ago, very likely had very large oceans with a thick atmopshere, Panspermia theory: “maybe life started here and transfered later on” (unproofen until 4 Billion year old fossils are found on Mars)

Earth 3.8 Billion years ago

Earth 3.8 Billion years ago, different bacteria life in the oceans, probably bacteria also turned it purple, very little O2 in the atmopshere, then turned into ice world

what happened to Mars and Venus?

  • loss of magnetic field made sun-wind blow away almost all atmosphere and water (into space)
  • “Venus too was a very Earth like planet”

all pictures are taken from this excellent Video by Anton:

Anton thinks, that Mars might have “life inside”.

Thanks Anton for this very interesting video 🙂

current Atmosphere of Venus:

Carbon dioxide 96.5 %
Nitrogen 3.5 %
Sulfur dioxide 150 ppm
Argon 70 ppm
Water vapor 20 ppm
Carbon monoxide 17 ppm
Helium 12 ppm
Neon 7 ppm
Hydrogen chloride 0.1–0.6 ppm
Hydrogen fluoride 0.001–0.005 ppm


game used to create the visuals to tell the story:

the user can get the game here:

another game with stunning visual effects:

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